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The Merge is now Complete

Reiver Castings have now moved into their new home with Northumbrian Painting Services. The move took a week but everything has now been moved across to Hexham, Northumberland. The Reiver Castings website is now no longer in use and all products will now be available on the Northumbrian Painting Services website. One of the interesting things we found during the move was our model of Viscount Turenne which for some reason had never been added to the catalogue so here he is!

Turenne, Henri De La Tour d'Aurvergne,

You can find him – Extras for all Armies – Personality Figures- Code PER20

Some of the Reiver Castings civilians suitable for the 17th Century. More things I found during the move

You can find these – Extras for all Armies – Personality Figures- Code PER21

Check Back soon for more news

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