40mm Bases are Resin and supplied Unpainted

40mm Rough

ROOFB401 - 0.50p

40mm Rock / Stones

ROOFB402 - 0.50p

40mm 3 Rocks

ROOFB403 - 0.50p

40mm Muddy / Few Stones

ROOFB404 - 0.50p

40mm Muddy - Many Stones

ROOFB405 - 0.50p

40mm Stones

ROOFB406 - 0.50p

40mm Bones

ROOFB407- 0.50p

40mm Cobbles

ROOFB408 - 0.50p

40mm Cobbled Edge

ROOFB409 - 0.50p

40mm Cobbled Corner

ROOFB410 - 0.50p

40mm Rocks & Old Flags

ROOFB411 - 0.50p

40mm Old Flags

ROOFB412 - 0.50p

40mm Paved

ROOFB413 - 0.50p

40mm Paved Edge

ROOFB414 - 0.50p

40mm Paved Corner

ROOFB415 - 0.50p

40mm Shield

ROOFB416 - 0.50p

40mm 2 Shields

ROOFB417 - 0.50p

40mm Metal Floor

ROOFB418 - 0.50p

40mm Metal Floor / Short Pipe

ROOFB419 - 0.50p

40mm Metal Floor / Long Pipe

ROOFB420 - 0.50p

40mm Metal Floor / Stripes

ROOFB421 - 0.50p

40mm Pipe

ROOFB422 - 0.50p

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